Source code for openskill.util

import math
from itertools import zip_longest
from typing import List, Optional, Tuple

from openskill.constants import Constants

[docs]def score(q, i) -> float: if q < i: return 0.0 if q > i: return 1.0 return 0.5
[docs]def rankings(teams, rank: Optional[List[int]] = None): if rank: team_scores = [rank[i] or i for i, _ in enumerate(teams)] else: team_scores = [i for i, _ in enumerate(teams)] out_rank = {} s = 0 for index, value in enumerate(team_scores): if index > 0: if team_scores[index - 1] < team_scores[index]: s = index out_rank[index] = s return list(out_rank.values())
[docs]def ladder_pairs(ranks: List[int]): left = [None] left.extend(ranks[:-1]) right = list(ranks[1:]) right.append(None) zipped_lr = zip_longest(left, right) result = [] for _left, _right in zipped_lr: if _left and _right: result.append([_left, _right]) elif _left and not _right: result.append([_left]) elif not _left and _right: result.append([_right]) else: result.append([]) return result
[docs]def util_c(team_ratings, **options): constants = Constants(**options) beta_squared = constants.BETA_SQUARED collective_team_sigma = 0 for team in team_ratings: _team_mu, team_sigma_squared, _team, _rank = team collective_team_sigma += team_sigma_squared + beta_squared return math.sqrt(collective_team_sigma)
[docs]def util_sum_q(team_ratings, c): sum_q = {} for i, i_team in enumerate(team_ratings): team_i_mu, _team_i_sigma_squared, _i_team, i_rank = i_team temp = math.exp(team_i_mu / c) for q, q_team in enumerate(team_ratings): _team_q_mu, _team_q_sigma_squared, _q_team, q_rank = q_team if i_rank >= q_rank: if q in sum_q: sum_q[q] += temp else: sum_q[q] = temp return list(sum_q.values())
[docs]def util_a(team_ratings): result = list( map( lambda i: len(list(filter(lambda q: i[3] == q[3], team_ratings))), team_ratings, ) ) return result
[docs]def gamma(**options): if "gamma" in options: return options["gamma"] else: return ( lambda c, _k, _mu, sigma_squared, _team, _q_rank: math.sqrt(sigma_squared) / c )
[docs]def transpose(xs): return [list(map(lambda r: r[i], xs)) for i, _ in enumerate(xs[0])]
[docs]def unwind(ranks, teams) -> Tuple[List, List[int]]: if not ranks or not teams: return None, None def sorter(teams): unsorted_list = transpose([[ranks[i], [x, i]] for i, x in enumerate(teams)]) sorted_list = [ x for _, x in sorted( zip(unsorted_list[0], unsorted_list[1]), key=lambda pair: pair[0] ) ] return [x for x, _ in sorted_list], [x for _, x in sorted_list] return sorter(teams) if isinstance(teams, list) else sorter